About Margaret Botha

I’ve been in the Hunting game close to a decade, but have been in the hunting industry my whole life. I am passionate about encouraging woman to be strong, independent hunters, thus my company is family orientated, catering for woman, men and children, in a family friendly environment.


I have a passion for nature, and all living creatures. I believe hunting extends far beyond the pull of a trigger, but the experience of being in the outdoors and playing a part in animal and nature conservation, for the benefit of nature generations.


I have been involved in the development of a number of projects including ‘Heart of the huntress’ and ‘Africa’s Huntress’. Both these TV series showcase the international and local skills and talents of woman hunters. (Go to http://www.usctv.tv/ for more information. Here you can also read the ‘Heart of the Huntress’ magazine).


One of my biggest achievements to date is most certainly my journey with Extreme Huntress, to be chosen as the first woman huntress out of the whole of southern Africa to participate with six other contestants from various countries in the international Extreme Huntress series. Being part of such an amazing experience have only encouraged me to strive higher and make a difference where it counts.


My Mission 

Driven by my passion I aim to demonstrate to all people, the power of drive, ambition and the love for nature and hunting. I aspire to be a positive role model for all woman, men and children. 

To be valued for my skills, knowledge, ability to share, learn and succeed, and encourage others to succeed. 

Above all, I want to share the message of conservation hunting. Purposeful hunting.

Hunting that give back what it takes.